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Why Become an Orange-Affiliated Physician?

With the Medicare Access & CHIP Reauthorization Act (“MACRA”) of 2015 accelerating the transition into risk-based alternative payment models, it is important that primary-care practices stay ahead by joining an ACO. ACO participation prevents the negative adjustments to physician Medicare payments starting in 2019. More than 75% percent of primary-care physicians’ Medicare reimbursements are tied to metrics for which ACOs are already responsible. Orange is equipped to help primary-care physicians perform under these metrics at the highest levels of success.

Orange ACOs have saved Medicare over $80,000,000 to date, historically ranking among the Top 10 in savings in the country and achieving among the highest quality ratings. Not only do Orange providers benefit from Orange’s ACO, IPA, and MSO resources, Orange providers also share in one of the highest shared savings reimbursements in the country. Providers who join Orange’s ACOs receive bonus payments before management costs. Most importantly, physicians who participate in Orange ACOs maintain their independence and autonomy while entering into a dynamic network of providers focused on quality of care. There is no cost to join Orange and all the benefits to gain; joining today means you and your practice are committed to increasing the value of your patients’ care!

Joining Orange, in the roles of both leadership and participating physician, has been an extremely positive experience. Together we have made real, measurable contributions to patient care and outcomes, all while navigating an otherwise complex industry. Lessons and techniques that I’ve learned from the ACO setting have now also been applied to my general, non-Medicare patient population, resulting in increased quality that is recognized by patients and commercial insurers alike.

Jonathan Leibowitz, MD
Participating Physician & ACO Board Member

What Happens When You Enroll?


As an ACO participant, providers are poised to be on the cutting edge of healthcare. Orange providers receive invaluable resources to assist on this path to value-based healthcare, including proven tools and seasoned administrative support to successfully navigate their performance under their contracts and better manage their patients.


As an affiliated member of the Orange network, Orange practices benefit from our concierge services, including our remote front office, coding and billing support, clinical care management, managed care services, contract negotiations, and advanced IT infrastructure. Orange providers are encouraged to communicate these supportive features to their practice staff, where applicable, and cooperate with the ACO’s patient outreach campaigns, meetings, webinars, and office visits.


As practices mature in their value and risk-based programs, Orange continues to support its providers and staff. Engaging in a meaningful commitment by adhering to development goals is one of the easiest ways for practices to reach patient-center medical home and advanced alternative payment model status, which is the ultimate goal for all Orange practices.

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